Mountain View

Contact: CJ DeGuara on 407 435 9439 or CJ@DAYCONSULTANCY.COM

DAY Consultancy specializes in helping businesses succeed by providing simple solutions to big problems, our philosophy is simple: Small changes, big results. We believe in our philosophy so much that we offer a 100% Money back guarantee to all our clients. (If you apply the changes we recommend and maintain them consistently for an agreed preiod of time without getting the expected results, we will not only refund you the money but work with you for FREE to find the perfect solution for your business. Most of our client's have one phrase they use to describe our solutions: Simple & Effective. The other commong phrase we hear: "Why didn't I think of that." - We make things simple, our team is constantly working on finding the best way of doing things, something that business owners simply don't always have the leisure of doing when things are in full swing.